No Doctor Consultation - We don't Provide Doctor Consultation / Doctor Consultation is not included in any listed Packages ||    ESR is not included in Complete Hemogram    ||   Potassium test is not include in Electrolytes Profile    || "Go Paperless – Save Trees" Subscribe to eReports, For Hard Copy of Reports with Immediate effects Rs 75/- Extra Charges ||          ||          Homocysteine Test included in Aarogyam 1.3+ without any additional charges          ||        Unless your doctor has advised, preventive healthcare checkup is not generally recommended for children.        
Aarogyam A

Aarogyam B

Aarogyam C
Aarogyam 1.7
Discounted Rates 600/- 700/- 1000/- 2400/-
Liver Profile tick tick tick tick
Lipid Profile tick tick tick tick
Kidney Profile tick tick tick tick
Iron Deficiency tick tick tick tick
Thyroid Profile tick tick tick tick
Diabetic Screen   tick tick tick
Complete Hemogram   tick tick tick
Vitamin Profile     tick tick
Cardiac Risk Marker       tick
Pancreas Profile tick
Electrolyles Profile tick
Homocysteine     tick
Arthritis       tick
Serum Ferritin       tick
Folate       tick
Toxic Element Profile       tick
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